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In the artist's mother tongue, Greek, the word "anomía" is used to signify the lack of laws in a society and the lack of regulations and order in the life of people. Interestingly, "anomía's" English (and French) translation goes a step further into revealing the causes of this disruption, by imbuing “anomy” with the lack of ethical/moral standards in an individual or a group of people. The combination of the two significations probably provides a very accurate explanation of the global economic crisis of 2008. The incapacity to operate and legislate on a robust ethical basis and to implement the legislation/rules already in place, were both critical factors that allowed the growth and, then, the inevitable burst of the 21st century’s first economic bubble. The site-specific installation 'Écanomie' constitutes a contemplation of this moral context and is comprised of two main parts. On the gallery wall, the word "ÉCONOMIE" is written in black paint; yet, the first "O" of the word is used in order to reproduce the well-known "A" symbol of anarchy. Although, all the letters of "ÉCONOMIE" have been neatly designed, paint from anarchy's "A" is spilt all around the letter. Also, on the floor in front of each letter a white bucket and a brush are placed. Each of them has been used to paint the letter in front of which it has been positioned. All buckets and brushes that are in front of the wall are almost completely clean, suggesting that they were used to a minimal extent. In contrast, the bucket and the brush that were used in order to create anarchy's "A" are both completely covered in paint and placed on a plinth opposite the letter, which lies away from the wall. The plinth itself is also completely covered in paint, as if the bucket lying on it has proved unable to constrain the paint that it contained.

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