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The work adopts the dual form of a website and a poster. In both versions, the dominant visual element is the question "Is this ever going to end?": in the online version, the question is constantly flashing, whereas in the poster it is accompanied by a reference to the website address. The work was commissioned for "EVERYWHERE BUT NOW", the central exhibition of the 4th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art (2013), which focused on the social, political, cultural, and environmental status around the Mediterranean Sea. Amid the turmoil in the region and around the world, the question "Is this ever going to end?" could, potentially, be heard anywhere and for many reasons. Yet, the work's phrase also invites the audience to question this determinism and realize that there is time for change and this time might, actually, be "NOW". Furthermore, the choice of cyberspace for the work suggests that the place could be "EVERYWHERE", but not merely in a dematerialized way: the physical component of the work – the poster – was freely available to the audience, with several thousand being distributed over the course of the biennale's 4-month duration. As a result, the posters started to appear randomly in public spaces around the city, reflecting the preoccupations and anxieties of people in Greece, the Mediterranean, and around the world. Notably, because of their minimalist design, the posters created a stark contrast with any other posters that were part of the urban landscape, thus accentuating the urgency of the question. At the same time, the work engages with another subject: the very nature of the technologies that we use in our everyday lives and, more specifically, with the supposedly "eternal" character of digital media. As such technologies have been used extensively in the last two decades to produce sociopolitical change (around the Mediterranean and elsewhere), the question of the website seems to remain open-ended not only in the field of politics but also in the field of technology.

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